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Brass Shell Recycling

Comprehensive Brass Shell Recycling Services

National Solutions for Brass Shell Casings Recycling with Cinco Technologies

Cinco Technologies proudly offers expert recycling brass shells services to businesses nationwide, facilitating a profitable and environmentally responsible pathway for the disposal of spent brass. This guide is crafted to navigate you through the nuances of brass shell casings recycling, showcasing how your company can reap financial rewards while championing ecological stewardship.

Introduction to Recycling Brass Shells

Brass is a robust alloy, crucial in the manufacturing of ammunition due to its resilience. Its recyclability makes it a commodity, offering a sustainable option for businesses to recycle brass shells and casings.

The Path to Efficient Brass Casings Recycling

Cinco Technologies streamlines the brass shell recycling process for enterprises across the country. We ensure that companies that recycle scrap brass shells find it convenient and efficient. To ready your brass for recycling, decontaminate the casings of any residues and cleanse them to meet the stringent recycling brass shell casings standards.

Maximizing Returns from Scrap Brass Shells Disposal Services

Enhance the value of your brass ammunition recycling by segregating spent shells by metal type. Here's a systematized approach to categorize your used ammo for superior recycling results:

  • Shotgun Shells
  • Brass Shell Casings
  • Steel Casings
  • Range Lead

Sorting ensures a streamlined recycling process and a superior financial return for sell scrap brass shells.

Components and Considerations for Disposal

Ammunition consists of several components, each requiring careful disposal:

  • Projectile: Usually lead, sometimes made from steel, brass, or copper.
  • Cartridge Casing: Typically brass, but also steel or aluminum, it houses the ammunition's components.
  • Primer: A small metal piece in the cartridge base that ignites the gunpowder.
  • Wad: Specific to shotguns, it's placed before the shot to control dispersion.
  • Gunpowder: A quick-combustion substance propelling the projectile.

How to Recycle Brass Shells and Bullet Casing Recycling

While live ammunition presents recycling challenges due to safety concerns, scrap brass shells, and spent ammunition parts are recyclable. For live rounds, seek guidance from a reputable isri brass shells recycler or local authorities for secure handling.

Best Practices for Spent Ammunition Disposal


  • Take your casings to a scrap brass shells processing facility.
  • Ensure casings are clean and dry for recycling.
  • Organize ammunition by metal for efficient recycling brass shell casings.


  • Toss ammunition in the trash.
  • Mix spent casings with other recyclables.
  • Disassemble live rounds without expertise.
  • Bury ammunition, as it can harm the environment.

Storing Brass Shell Casings

Maintain your brass shells' value by storing them in a cool, dry place. Airtight containers are ideal for preventing contamination and preserving quality until they're ready for bulk brass shell recycling.

The Financial Upside of Brass Shell Recycling

Recycling brass shell casings can be economically beneficial. The value hinges on market prices and volume—Cinco Technologies guarantees competitive rates for your scrap brass shell casings salvage company needs.

Nationwide Brass Shells Recycling Companies Services

As your trusted bulk brass shell recycling partner, Cinco Technologies serves businesses from coast to coast. Our expertise in brass shells recycling companies processes equips us to provide exceptional service and competitive pricing, positioning us as the preferred choice for "who recycles brass shells."

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