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Our commitment to responsible recycling encompasses a wide array of battery types.

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Battery Types Recycled

Battery Recycling Service Areas

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Lithium Batteries

Learn moreLearn moreLithium Batteries

Toyota Prius Battery

Learn moreLearn morePrius Cell NiMH Battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Learn moreLearn moreLithium Iron Phosphate

Zinc Battery Recycling

Learn moreLearn morezinc battery

Lithium Primary Battery

Learn moreLearn moreLithium Primary Battery

Cell Phone Battery

Learn moreLearn moreCell Phone Battery Recycling

Lithium Battery Devices

Learn moreLearn moreLithium Battery Devices

Electric Vehicle Battery

Learn moreLearn moreElectric Vehicle Battery Recycling

Laptop Batteries

Learn moreLearn morelaptop battery recycling

Lithium Polymer Battery

Learn moreLearn moreLithium Polymer Battery

Vape Pen Batteries

Learn moreLearn moreVape Pen Batteries

Laptop Battery

Learn moreLearn moreLaptop Battery

Water Meter Battery

Learn moreLearn moreWater Meter Recycling

Nickel Metal Hydride

Learn moreLearn moreNickel Metal Hydride Prius Battery Recycling

Energy Storage

Learn moreLearn moreEnergy Storage

Steel Cased Battery

Learn moreLearn moreSteel Cased Battery

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Learn moreLearn moreUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Lead Acid Battery

Learn moreLearn moreLead Acid Battery

Telecom Battery

Learn moreLearn moreTelecom Battery Recycling

Forklift Battery

Learn moreLearn moreForklift Battery

Battery Related Production Scrap

Learn moreLearn moreBattery Related Production Scrap

Battery Related Production Scrap

Jelly Rolls

Learn more

Anode Foil

Learn more

Cathode Foil

Learn more

Lithium Production Scrap

Learn more

Battery Cobalt Production Scrap

Learn more

Black Mass

Learn more

Nickel Production Scrap

Learn more
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