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Electric Meter Recycling

In the evolving landscape of utility management, businesses face the challenge of dealing with obsolete utility meters, especially in the wake of mass meter change-outs. The accumulation of outdated electric, gas, and water meters not only incurs significant storage and potential disposal costs but also poses environmental hazards. Cinco Technologies introduces a sustainable and financially beneficial solution for: recycling utility meters.

The Imperative of Recycling Utility Meters

Utility meters, especially electric ones, are treasure troves of valuable metals such as brass screws, copper and aluminum wires, steel, and circuit boards that can be reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle​​. Recycling these meters is not just about compliance with state and federal regulations; it's a step towards environmental stewardship, preventing hazardous materials from ending up in landfills and reducing overall pollution​​​​.

The Recycling Process: A Win for Efficiency

The process of recycling utility meters is straightforward yet impactful. It involves detaching steel rings and collars, extracting precious metals, disconnecting circuit boards, and baling cardboard boxes, ensuring a near-total recovery of materials​​. This meticulous separation process is crucial for maximizing the financial returns from the recycled components.

Financial Gains from Meter Recycling

Financially, recycling utility meters offers an immediate and substantial return. By partnering with experienced recyclers, b can transform their obsolete meters into financial assets. This transition not only covers the costs associated with the recycling process but also potentially offers an additional revenue stream. The practice of providing an all-in, picked-up, per pound price for meters simplifies the logistics, making it a cost-effective choice for utilities companies looking to recycle scrap utility meters.

Best Practices for Maximum Returns

To optimize the financial and environmental benefits, utilities should adhere to best practices such as separating digital from analog meters and removing glass covers to reduce weight and increase the per-pound price of recyclable materials​​. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also aligns with international environmental and health safety standards like ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, ensuring that the recycling process is both eco-friendly and safe​​.


As utilities continue to upgrade their metering infrastructure, the question of what to do with the old meters is pivotal. Cinco Technologies advocates for a responsible, efficient, and financially beneficial approach: recycling. By embracing meter recycling, businesses can contribute to environmental sustainability, comply with regulations, and realize significant financial gains. The call to action is clear—recycle electric utility meters and invest in a sustainable future for utility management.

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